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Ángel Wisdom: 4 Directions


Goddess Store & Studio
2017 Harrison St 33020 Hollywood United States
Join Lila Lotus for our Angel Wisdom Workshop . We will be covering the 4 Archangels and the 4 directions & elements.
Pre-register by calling 954-881-6238 get $5 Off

God has assigned four of his archangels to be in charge of the four elements in nature.
These angels are: Raphael for air, Michael for fire, Gabriel for water, and Uriel for earth. Here's how praying for their guidance can help you balance your life.
Believers have traditionally associated four of the main archangels with the four natural elements on our planet as a way of focusing their prayers on the different types of work those angels do. The elements -- air, fire, water, and earth -- represent the different types of energy that archangels send to humans from heaven to Earth through light rays.
Learn how to work mixing the balance of the 4 elements and the help of your celestial helpers.
Come play, learn, balance, and restore yourself ♥
Angel Blessings

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