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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing


JothiVita Ayurvedic Spa & Wellbeing Center
500 N Federal Hwy 33020 Hollywood United States
Join us on our monthly Crystal Bowl Sound Healing session with Luz Pellegrino. This magical sound healing will harmonize your energy body as we tune into our pure heart leaving us rejuvenated, revitalized, clear-minded and totally relaxed.

Sound Healing can realign and balance your chakras and raise the frequency of your subtle body. This type of meditation promotes healing at the cellular level by bringing balance, well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Sound vibration allows the listener to access Alpha, Theta and Delta brain states where the body is highly receptive to healing and deep relaxation, and transformation and inner peace can take place.

$20 JothiVita members / $25 Non-members